How Can I / We Start a Factory?

After seeing Family Factory® live, people began to ask "How can we do this at our place?" At first, there were plans of setting up Factories through a creative license agreement. We planned to charge a small set-up fee to help offset some of the time and expense in creating Family Factory® and possibly a renewable license fee that would allow us to continue to expand our creative media and materials. However, God placed it on our hearts to package this concept and give it away.

We have worked really hard to define our approach and complete our creative offering. The Family Factory® concept allows a church, school or organization to instantly step into a quality production where all of the creative work has already been done. Just grab a few volunteers, an audio/video person or two and you can establish a Factory right where you are! So this is your open invitation to join us as we work to produce more "intentional" families.

We do suggest you read through "The Concept" page (if you have not done so) to gain a complete understanding of Family Factory®. With that wisdom, you can follow these seven steps and get things started.

1] Agree with and adhere to "The Factory Code".

2] Have a small group of dedicated volunteers.

  • people who understand and believe in the concept
  • people who have a smidgen of talent
  • people with a willingness to enjoy presenting material
  • (it helps to have a couple of creative people)

3] Find a time and a place.

  • time could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, could be VBS, camp, retreats, other special events
  • place could be any large room, gym, stage, auditorium, camp pavilion, playground, community center, cafeteria, civic center, school, etc.
  • (it helps to have a set place to establish a permanent stage/set and routine)

4] Grab a little bit of technology.

  • computer with media presentation software
  • projector and screen or wall, or large TV
  • controllable lighting
  • soundboard, amp, mics and speakers
  • (it helps to have a computer and/or techie person)

5] Download the Family Factory® Package of materials and media.

6] Assimilate your additional material.

7] "Fire Up the Factory!"

Just do it! Sure, it may not be perfect the first time, but the kids, volunteers, parents and especially the community will enjoy something uplifting and encouraging. Keep in mind, the Factory is the SPARK, it needs to be high-energy, over-the-top, "wow" to the power of ten. Couple that with a constant sharing of the foundational concept (that parents are the keys to raising better children) and you will be on your way...

Remember the Factory is all about "Presentation with Purpose"TM

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