Since 2006, we have been building a brand. We are now offering that brand and all the accompanying materials free of charge to those wishing to start their own Factory. We only ask that you read and agree with our Code and to adhere to our Concept. The brand comes complete with logo, color scheme, stage and set design, theme song and video, audio tracks, various videos, slides and all the marketing materials - The Family Factory® Package contains “almost” everything a group would need to establish an environment and get a program started. We say “almost” because, by design, the Family Factory® Package is a complete concept with incomplete content.

For those familiar with computers, it’s very much like open source code. The Family Factory® Package is a framework to which you add the parts you need to make it productive for you. This model allows you to be self-sufficient and not bound to a particular organization, church or company. Your program will never be outdated because you can exchange the pieces whenever you see fit. It’s a shell (or a skin) in which your program resides. All you need to do is select additional material you wish to include and get started. Though all the Factories will have the same exterior, your Factory will be uniquely your own. It’s a complete package of an established brand for an established environment, that’s entirely flexible and adaptable. You want puppets, add puppets. You want fewer videos, have fewer videos. You want scripts from this place and songs from another, no problem. Use what you have, create some of your own, or purchase from someone else - it’s entirely up to you. If you need some direction on what additional materials are out there, click this link.

Starting a Factory is very much like becoming a franchisee (except there’s no money involved). First, you understand and believe what they are saying. Second, you agree to follow their rules and business model. Third, they give you the brand, the structure, the materials, the tools and the behind-the-scenes knowledge to help you get yourself established. Fourth, you adapt their package to fit your situation, location and set of resources. Fifth, you staff it and sixth, you take it to the people.

We have handled all the heavy lifting when it comes to creativity and structure. It has been our goal to make it easy for you to launch an amazing program with very little effort. Everything we have created is being made available to you royalty-free with your Agreement to the Factory Code. The entire Family Factory® Package is downloadable and includes:

  • FF Logo/Color Scheme/Gear Artwork
  • FF Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card Designs
  • FF Theme Song (including music track)
  • FF Theme Video (several versions)
  • FF Countdown Video
  • FF Quiz-Time Video
  • FF Slide Package (50 various themed slides)
  • FF Support Video Package (3-4 themed clips)
  • FF ClipArt Package (Variety of FF themed artwork)
  • FF Stage/Set artwork
  • FF “Ticket” Template
  • FF T-Shirt Designs
  • Various Marketing and Advertising Materials
  • and much more…

You can jump straight to the download part of the site by clicking on the gear titled “Download Material” from the homepage or clicking on the link “Download Factory Materials & Media” at the bottom of any page.

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