Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We will try to keep posting questions and answers here to help you gain more understanding inside Family Factory®.

Q - Is it just a show? If you see one program and that’s what you’d think, but see a series of programs and the coordinating material and message and you’ll quickly discover it’s not just entertainment, it’s enlightenment and not just production it’s participation. It’s focused material around a primary theme.

Q - Are K and preK kids too young? Absolutely not! Sure it will depend on the child, but some of youngest kids are those most impacted by the lessons.

Q - Is this a Children’s Ministry or a Family Ministry? – yes!

Q - Why a Factory? A Factory is a place where raw materials are brought together and useful products are produced via labor and commitment. Family Factory® is a place where parents and children come together and useful adults are given the attributes of good Christian living.

Q - What is Parent Factory? It represents a place where parents come together to share experiences, deal with relative problems and encourage one another to follow-through with the monthly virtues. We discuss what works in our own homes with our own kids as well as the lessons we are learning as parents. This is an EXCELLENT place for parents to get help in doing a better job of being a parent.

Q - What is Mom Factory? It represents a place where moms come together and discuss the particular role of the mother to her children. Moms share, show and tell how their children respond and remark on the lessons being taught in Family Factory® and in life.

Q - What is Dad Factory? It represents a place where dads meet to discuss how to become a better dad - the role of a “dad” in today’s world and how your children need your attention and not your money.

Q - What is Marriage Factory? It represents a place where married couples are led in discussion and given practical advice on maintaining a strong marriage. Many marriages fail before one of the two parties realize the needs of the other.  And we can’t keep our families together if we can’t keep our marriages together.

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