Before we can explain the Concept, we need to define and connect these two words - Family and Factory. A Family is a unit of people God has placed together to experience and live life. A Factory is a place where raw materials are transformed into something of value. So Family Factory® is a process in which kids and adults are brought together to experience God’s Word and become the most valuable thing we can become – HIS! As we like to define it, Family Factory® is Presentation with Purpose ™.

We have three words that help us remember this process and they are the three gears that power the Family Factory® Concept – SPARK, MOLD and FORGE. As nouns, these words refer to a bright flash of energy, a hollow form, and a place where metal is turned into liquid. But our three words are not nouns, but verbs, and each word has a catch phrase and an assigned role.

Spark – gonna open my mind (this is the role of the Factory)
Mold – gonna put stuff in (this is the role of the parent)
Forge – gonna make it stick (this is the role of God)

We feel if we can create an environment for kids, an intentionalness for adults, and an opportunity for God; then we have accomplished our goal. Now, let’s look at the three components of the Concept - SPARK, MOLD, FORGE.

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The Factory is based on three key pillars. Click on any of the three gears to find out more about that aspect.

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