The Family Factory® Code asks of you these three things; you share our moral compass, you understand our approach, and you maintain the integrity of our brand.

Our Moral Compass:
We believe in the absolute holiness of God the Father, the complete love of Jesus Christ His Son and the internal direction of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the sacredness and authority of God’s inspired Word, the Bible. We believe God the Creator and Sustainer of life created mankind in His own image for an eternal, intimate, personal relationship with Himself. But mankind chose to follow his own desires and separated himself from God. But our loving Father was willing to offer His Son to bridge the gap between our sin and His holiness.

We believe Jesus did come to this earth and lived a life of example, self-sacrifice and instruction for us to follow. We believe His words were the words of the Father. We believe the only way we can be saved is belief and active faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe God has placed in each of us a part of Himself to guide us and communicate with us. We feel our time on this earth should be completely surrendered to the Great Commission as we strive to follow the two greatest commandments.

Our Approach:
Long-term research and studies show the best time to “reach” us, regardless of the message, is very early in our lives. In fact, the ages 3 to 9, what we call the “Sticky 7 ™,” is the most impressionable and formable time in our lives. So in order to reach kids, we set out to create an environment that would not only be exciting and engaging but competitive and relevant in today’s world. Furthermore, we choose to invest our time in educating, encouraging and equipping parents so we can impact children every hour of every day, rather than just the few hours they (may) come to church.

Think about it, if a kid comes to church, they spend roughly 50 hours there a year; meanwhile, at home, they have some 5,000+ awake-hours under the direct influence of their parents. Where do think we can better spend our 50 hours? Right, by concentrating on helping the parents become better parents. And by “better” we mean more intentional in the spiritual development of themselves and their children. Thus we have Parent Factory, Marriage Factory, Mom Factory and Dad Factory.

We feel if we can create a user-friendly venue where kids and their parents can come together and learn about things that REALLY MATTER, then our one hour of influence stretches into a week, a month, a year, or perhaps (and this is our prayer) an eternity.

Our Brand:
A brand is more than a logo. It’s an unspoken feeling of trust for a particular product or service gained by extended positive exposure. Corporations invest millions of dollars in establishing and defending their brands. For Family Factory®, maintaining brand integrity means not only being consistent in the use of the logos, phrases, graphics, songs, slides and videos, but also knowing that you (as a Factory) are always being watched. People are making judgments about Family Factory® (the brand) by those who use our materials and claim our name. In other words for Family Factory® to really “mean” something, it will be up to all the Factories to make sure they work hard to stick to the Code, the Concept, the Package and the Place.

At this time we don’t have a “legal” compliance policy for the Family Factory® brand as we want to keep it adaptable and flexible to fit your situation. It is our hope that if you are faithful and intentional ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ, the Family Factory® brand will maintain its integrity and respectability.

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